Two Fichet Carat grade 5 opening

Fichet Carat grade 5

We had these two Fichet Grade 5 safes to open and remove in London, both Fichet safes were dual locking and had been in the building in Knightsbrige for a number of years and the combinations and keys had been lost over that time, the combi action lock is a 7 number fichet clicker lock, and the Key lock is Fichet M3b style locks, we had to drill a small hole to decode the combinations and then picked the two high security Fichet safe locks.

The customer also require these safes to be removed from site so we ara ged for them to be removed from a basement area.

We are based in Colchester in Essex. We provide a service to London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. If you need a Fichet safe opened or a safe or vault removed please contact Jason kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999721727 were also on WhatsApp


SMP Community Safe

Electronic safe lock opening

An SMP Community safe with a digital Lagard safe lock that the code was lost in Essex, We have some great tools and using the Gizmo we opened the lock without the need to drill the safe. And fitted a replacement lock.

We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if require and cost effective to you.

If you need a safe or vault opened please contact Jason on kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999 721727, we’re also on WhatsApp

Tann Bankers 2 safe lost keys

This High grade Tann Bankers 2 safe didn’t have any keys but someone was good enough to tape up the digital lock leaving it open. The key lock was picked open.

Tann made some very good safes and vaults, this one has anti burglar devices and a glass plate to protect it from anyone trying to break into it. These safes were designed to keep proffesional safe crackers out that’s why I love to work on them.

Stratford Safe Lockout

We Got a call to open this Stratford Consul safe, these are similar to a Stratford Concord, it had been left locked by the previous owners. We manipulated open the combination lock and picked open the high security key lock. This safe was put back into full working order if you need a safe opened call Key Elements on 07999 721727 or email kelocks1@gmail.com