Rosengrens European safe lost keys

This high grade Rosengrens European safe caused a lock out with lost safe keys. We picked open this safe and set some new keys to the high security Rosenfrens RKL 10 lock


Two Fichet Carat grade 5 opening

Fichet Carat grade 5

We had these two Fichet Grade 5 safes to open and remove in London, both Fichet safes were dual locking and had been in the building in Knightsbrige for a number of years and the combinations and keys had been lost over that time, the combi action lock is a 7 number fichet clicker lock, and the Key lock is Fichet M3b style locks, we had to drill a small hole to decode the combinations and then picked the two high security Fichet safe locks.

The customer also require these safes to be removed from site so we ara ged for them to be removed from a basement area.

We are based in Colchester in Essex. We provide a service to London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. If you need a Fichet safe opened or a safe or vault removed please contact Jason kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999721727 were also on WhatsApp


Tann Fortress 2 Safe Lost keys

Tann Fortress 2 safe

This Tann Fortress 2 Safe with no keys in Hertfordshire that we picked open and made new keys too.

If you need a Tann or John Tann safe opened please contact Jason – kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999 721727 were on WhatsApp

We are based in Colchester and our main areas of service are London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk


SMP Community Safe

Electronic safe lock opening

An SMP Community safe with a digital Lagard safe lock that the code was lost in Essex, We have some great tools and using the Gizmo we opened the lock without the need to drill the safe. And fitted a replacement lock.

We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if require and cost effective to you.

If you need a safe or vault opened please contact Jason on kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999 721727, we’re also on WhatsApp

Rosengrens RKL safe lock

At Key Elements Safe Crackers we can pick open the Rosengrens RKL safe lock with short keys to as long as 500mm long key on vaults with thick doors kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999 721727

Rosengrens safes and vaults

At Key Elements we specialise where possible in non destructive opening methods. For example Rosengrens safes are a formidable opponent and have made there own locks for many years. The photo shows there ABN and RKL keys. When a key is lost we can open these locks with out the need to drill your safe and provide replacement key. Jason 07999 721727 or kelocks1@gmail.com

Chubb Bankers Safe Lost Keys

My main skill is opening high security safes and vaults, so I also open safe within the Trade for other Locksmiths or Safe companies. This safe was a Chubb Bankers and also known as a Chubb Isolator. The way this safe works is the handle is free spinning and when the locks are open they engage the clutch mechanism that then engages the handle so can retract the bolts. As with most safe the vital parts are protected by a Glass plate that is connected to the anti burglar devices. There are a few models of the Chubb safes that use the same setup these are Chubb Bankers, Chubb Bankers Treasury, Chubb Monarch, Chubb Renown, Chubb Resolute, Chubb Sovereign, Chubb Trident, Chubb Vanguard, Chubb EDR, Chubb Financier. The differences are the barrier materials inside the wall and door to hinder drilling, cutting or explosive attacks. On this Chubb Banker Safe the digital safe lock was defeated and key lock was picked open and new keys were made and digital lock was replaced.

Phoenix Safe Lost Keys

Well during the Covid19 pandemic we are still providing an emergency service. This Phoenix fire cabinet had some important documents inside that were needed urgent. This job was in London and for a fellow Locksmiths. We went to site picked the high security lock open and replaced it. If you need a safe or vault opened in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Suffolk contact Key Elements at

07999 721727 or kelocks1@gmail.com

Anti Burglar Devices inside safes and vaults

Above is a Anti Burglar device as found in some old Ratner safes. Anti burglar devices are found in most safes and vaults. Modern anti burglar devices include glass or a thermal link to stop.an inexperience thief, Locksmith or Safe Engineer from opening the safe or vault. If these devices are set off by an inexperienced person. Then the safe will lockup further and require a real Safe Engineer to come and open it. At Key Elements Safe Engineers we specialise in opening safes and vaults and have done so for over 25 years. kelocks1@gmail.com