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We are a UK based company with over 28 years in safe opening

The lock has around 280,000 theoretical key variations.

At Key Elements we make lock picks such as the Mauer Centurio 74041, 74043, 74046, 74047 and specalise in and opening locked safes and vaults

Mauer Ceuturio 2in1 pick

Our red Handle 2in1 lock picks for the Mauer Centurio, you need to have some experience in picking locks to get the benefit of these tools. These are not Magic wands and so you need to practice to become profficient with there use.

Do we sell a Decoder for the Mauer safe lock ?

No we do not sell a decoder because the locks are fairly straight forward to pick with our 2in1 picks but you have an understanding of lock picking.

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We are a UK based Company with over 28 years experiance in opening locked safes, vaults and strongrooms