Safe Lock Picks

At Key Elements we make some safe lock picks. That are sold to the trade only. Picks are not magic wands so you will already need to have an understanding on there use to be able to pick a lock open. We normally make these picks to order but also batch make them so please ask about stock.

Our main Safe picks We Sell

  • Mauer President 71111 2in1 Pick (VIDEO)
  • Mauer Centrio 74041, 74043, 74046, 74047 2in1 Pick
  • Mauer Variator and Praetor 70076, 70079, 70087, 70091 2in1 Pick
  • Cawi – Wittkopp 8, 9 & 11 Lever – 2618, 2648, 1819, 1821
  • AGA 8 & 11 Lever – 246, 247 2in1 pick
  • STUV ( Steinbach & Vollmann) 8 Lever – 4.19.92 2in1 Pick (VIDEO)
  • STUV (Steinbach & Vollmann) 4.19.6644 2in1 pick
  • Safe Pick Pointer Device

Safe picks made to order

Just ask we make the od pin moving tool and other 2in1 picks for locks in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia


As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07779 721727 we are on Whatsapp

Lock Picks by Law Lock Tools

I get asked what traditional style lock picks I use myself. Now I dont make these types of tools but I use picks by Law Lock Tools they are a real pleasure to use and always served me well. Check out there site

Safe Lock Picks We Make and Sell To The Trade Only

Mauer president 71111 safe pick

KABA – Mauer President 71111 Safe Pick

Mauer President 71111 & 71113

Mauer President 71111 Pick Demonstration
Mauer Centurio safe lock pick

Mauer Centurion Safe Pick

The safe pick will work on these Mauer Centurion 74041, 74046, 74046, 74047

Mauer Variator safe pick

KABA – Mauer Variator Safe Pick

This pick will fit Mauer Variator and Praetor 70076, 70079, 70087, 70091

CAWI Wittkopp safe pick

CAWI – Wittkopp Safe Lock Pick

This Pick will fit CAWI – Wittkopp 8, 9 & 11 Lever, 2618, 2648, 1819,1821

AGA Safe Lock Pick

AGA Safe Lock Pick

This Pick will fit AGA 8 Lever 246 & AGA 11 Lever 247

STUV safe lock pick

STUV 4.19.92 Safe Lock Pick

The pick will fit STUV 8 Lever 4.19.92 safe lock

STUV 4.19.92 pick demonstration
STUV 4.19.6644 Safe Lock Pick

STUV 4.19.6644 Safe Lock Pick

This will fit the STUV 4.19.6644

STUV 4.19.66 demo with the pick
Safe pick pointer

Safe Pick Pointer Device

A pointer device that can be used with a 2in1 pick, All of our safe picks come with an extra X mark to allow a pointer to be set up.