Hello My name is Jason. I have been opening safes, vaults and strongrooms for over 28 years. Across London, Essex, Hertfordshire, suffolk and Cambridgeshire All the photos on this site are of real Safes, Vaults and Strongrooms that I have worked on, some times I pop up in a photo !

Early Years

The bug of opening locks started at a young age where i was interested in Magic but mainly in Escapeology. Yes like Harry Houdini. I remember at the age of eight I could pick open padlocks, handcuffs and escape out of straight jackets in locked trunks.


I did an old school traditional Locksmith and Safe Apprenticeship. I Was taught to make locks and keys by hand, duplicate keys, Impression lever locks open and how to pick open locks on safes and vaults.

Working for a Boss

I was lucky enough to work with some talented people and established companies in the industry. Over that time I made a lot of friends in the Locksmith and Safe trades from all over the world. At my last Job I had progresses to Chief and Senior Safe Engineer. Although I now work for my self I still carry out safe and vault work for all of my old bosses !

Key Elements Safe Engineers 2006

I now run Key Elements safe engineers since 2006, in this time I have mainly opened locked safes and vaults. I work on my own and carried out work for other safe engineers and Locksmiths. I have a lot of equipment and experience in opening safe and vaults. One of the newest Gizmos I have in my tool kit is a device that can open some digital safe lock. Other locks i use different methods. I also do some Engineering using machines like CNC or manual lathes and milling machines.

August 2022 – Safe Lock Picks

I already make a lot of my own safe lock picks and also sell these within the industry so as of August 2022 I am focusing on the tool making side of the business as that gives me more time with my family. I still open a lot of safe and vaults and these are mainly High grade units.

Some of the safe locks I can open non distructivly are, Fichet Monopole safe lock, Fichet MXB safe lock, Rosengrens RKL key lock, Mauer Varos key lock, Mauer Primus (C) 70011 key lock, Cawi 14 lever key lock, FAS 6890 key lock and many more i have over 120 different lock picks.