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We are a UK based company with over 28 years in safe opening

The Mauer Variator and Praetor 70076, 70079, 70087, 70091 11 Lever and 8 Lever

At Key Elements we make lock picks such as the Mauer Variator / Mauer Praetor and specalise in and opening locked safes and vaults

Mauer Variator and Praetor 2in1 pick

Our red Handle 2in1 lock picks for the Mauer Variator 70079, 70076, 70087, 70091 you need to have some experience in picking locks to get the benefit of these tools. These are not Magic wands and so you need to practice to become proficient with there use.

Do we sell a Decoder for the Mauer safe lock ?

No we do not sell a decoder because the locks can be picked open with our 2in1 picks but you have to have an understanding of lock picking. There are some decoders on the market for these locks and all they really do is take some of the control for you when decoding the lock. I always try to get Locksmiths / Safe Engineers / Safe Technicians to learn to use a 2in1 pick because you take this skill with you to every lock you open. where as a decoder you will have to buy one for every lock you try to pick and you will find they don’t make decoders for every safe lock.

Can the lock be decoded while picking?

Yes. One of the methods that we teach to pick the lock open gives you the depths of what the key would have been (The Picking packs we give with training allow you to do this)

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We are a UK based Company with over 28 years experiance in opening locked safes, vaults and strongrooms