FAS safe lock picked open

FAS 6880 safe lock picked open and new keys set to the lock. FAS locks are normally found on high security safes and vaults of certain brands. There are a few differnt models of the lock out there and we can also open models of FAS locks such as the 6890, 6804 and the 6805 models. FAS locks were used by Robur safes, Werthiem safes, Leicher safes and many others

If you need a safe open drop us an email at kelocks1@gmail.com

A Tann Vault Locked out

We got a call from a customer who had a purchased an old Bank some years back and this vault had been locked. They now wanted to get it opened. On calling around our details were passed on to the customer. This Tann vault can have key locks or combination locks and later some banks have had them upgraded to electronic safe locks. This Vault we opened in the London area and put back into use. We cover Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk but can travel further to open high grade safes and vaults – Jason 07999721727 or kelocks1@gmail.com

Rosengrens RKL safe lock

At Key Elements Safe Crackers we can pick open the Rosengrens RKL safe lock with short keys to as long as 500mm long key on vaults with thick doors kelocks1@gmail.com or 07999 721727