At Key Elements we open a lot of different makes, models and sizes of Safe, Vaults and Strongrooms. This can be because of a lost, stolen keys or a forgotten Combination on a mechanical, digital safe lock or one day it simply wont open causing a lock out.

Dont Panic !

At Key Elements Safe Engineers we have over 25 years experience in opening Locked Safes and Vaults. We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault

Areas We Cover

We are based in Colchester, Essex, UK and our main areas that we provide a service to are Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if it is cost effective for you.


As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07999 721727 were on Whatsapp

Fichet safe opening

Hello my name is Jason I specialise in opening Locked safes and Vaults with over 25 years experience. I have opened Safes and Vaults in the UK, Channel Islands, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany and as far as Australia

  • Opening Locked Safes
  • Opening Locked Vaults and Strongrooms
  • Specialise in Opening High Grade Safes and Vaults
  • Specialise in Picking Safe Locks
  • Opening Safes With Lost Combination
  • Specialise in Opening Digital Safe locks
  • Drilling Open Locked Safes
  • Fault Finding and Opening Locked Safes
Vault Door

Popular Safe And Vaults That we Open

ABCAM Safes, Alpha Safes, Ace Safes, ARFE Safes, Adamat Safe, Anglo Safe, Bentley Safe, Birmingham Safe, Biron Safe, Britannia Safe, Brown Safe, Bordogna Safes, BTV Safe, Burg Wachter, Burton Safe, Bowden Safe, Centurian Safe, Chatwood Safe, Chatwood Milner Safe, Chubb Safe, Churchill Safe, Stephen Cox Safe, Dudley Safe, Eagle Safes, European Union Safes, Epic Safes, EX Ministry Safes, Ferrimax Safes, Fichet Safes, Fichet Bauche Safes, Format Safes, Thomas Fox Safes, Euro Fox Safes, Grithis Safes, GB Security Safes, Gardnight Safes, Godrej Safes, Guardian Safe, Sistec Safes, Hamber Safes, Hadak Safes, Hipkin Safes, Hobbs Hart Safes, Hobbs Safes, ISM Safes, Independent Safes, Insafe Safes, J Grove Safes, Joli Safes, Kaso Safes, Kardex Safes, Leicher Safes, Lips Safes, Lampertz Safes, Leigh Safes, Levy Safes, Locke safes, Lockmasters safes, London Lock and Safe, Lord Safe, Martens Safes, Milners Safes, Muller Safes, Peake Safes, Perry Safes, Phoenix Safes, Primat Safes, Remers Safe, Ratner Safes, Robur Safes, Rosengrens Safes, Rosengrens Tann Safes, Rottner Safes, Rusper Safes, SLS Safes, SMP Safes, Safes International Safes, Safes Ltd, Secureline Safes, Securikey Safes, Stacke Safes, Stockinger safes, Stratford Safes, Sentry Safes, TSM Safes, Tann Safes, John Tann Safes, Telford \Safes, Terry Safes, Wertheim Safes, Withers Safes, Whitfield Safes, Thorne Safes, Traum Safes, Withy Grove safes, Yale Safes, Zugil Safes, Konsmetal Safe,