At Key Elements we open Ferrimax Safe, Vaults and Strongrooms. This can be because of a lost, stolen keys or a forgotten Combination on a mechanical, digital safe lock or one day it simply wont open causing a lock out.

No Need To Panic !

At Key Elements safe engineers we have over 25 years experience in opening Ferrimax and other high security safes and vault. We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault

Areas We Cover

We are based in Colchester, Essex, UK and our main areas that we provide a service to are Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if it is cost effective for you.

Contact Us

As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07999 721727 were on WhatsApp

Some Examples Of Ferrimax Safe Openings

Ferrimax Vault Lost Code

Ferrimax Vault with a digital safe locks that had a forgotten combination. We opened and fitted a new digital safe lock. We offer a Safe opening service to London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Sufflok and Hertfordshire,

Ferrimax With Lost Comabination

Ferrimax Combination lock with lost code that we opened in London Area, If you need a Ferrimax safe opened contact Jason

Ferrimax Safe Lost Keys

Ferrimax safe with lost keys that we picked open and swapped the lock on in Essex,