Chubb Bankers Safe Lost Keys

My main skill is opening high security safes and vaults, so I also open safe within the Trade for other Locksmiths or Safe companies. This safe was a Chubb Bankers and also known as a Chubb Isolator. The way this safe works is the handle is free spinning and when the locks are open they engage the clutch mechanism that then engages the handle so can retract the bolts. As with most safe the vital parts are protected by a Glass plate that is connected to the anti burglar devices. There are a few models of the Chubb safes that use the same setup these are Chubb Bankers, Chubb Bankers Treasury, Chubb Monarch, Chubb Renown, Chubb Resolute, Chubb Sovereign, Chubb Trident, Chubb Vanguard, Chubb EDR, Chubb Financier. The differences are the barrier materials inside the wall and door to hinder drilling, cutting or explosive attacks. On this Chubb Banker Safe the digital safe lock was defeated and key lock was picked open and new keys were made and digital lock was replaced.