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Safe opening tools and equipment

We only sell tools to Safe Engineers & Locksmiths and proof will be required !!

At Key Elements we make these safe tools ourselves by hand using Manual and computer controlled machines. Mainly we make these tools to order only as required and provide a set of instruction and techniques on the way I would open the lock.


Our 2 most popular 2 in 1 Safe tools are


Mauer President 71111


Mauer President safe lock pick


CAWI Wittkopp

CAWI Wittkopp safe lock pick 

 As a Locksmith or Safe Engineer, Safe Technician you should already have experiance with picking lever locks. But each tool comes with instructions on how i would go about picking the lock your working on. If you'r Having trouble we offer training on our tools.



At Key Elements we only train on how to use our own tools !

We are based in UK Hertfordshire and can arange training in different locations in the UK, Europe and other parts of the World.



To order please email


Jason - 07947 238423


Safe opening is not a common skill among Locksmiths and Safes are designed to keep people out. This picture below shows a safe that had smoking vials fitted within the body of the safe that were set off on purpose in a controlled environment, The smoke is toxic and it took two days to clear.





 We are members of the International "Safe & Vault Technicians Association"


We are CRB Checked




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