Rosengrens Safe Opening Service

At Key Elements we open Rosengrens Safe, Vaults and Strongrooms. This can be because of a lost, stolen keys or a forgotten Combination on a mechanical, digital safe lock or one day it simply wont open causing a lock out.

“We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault”

Dont Panic !!!

At Key Elements safe engineers we have over 25 years experience in opening Rosengrens and other high security safes and vault. We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault

Areas We Cover

We are based in Colchester, Essex, UK and our main areas that we provide a service to are Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if it is cost effective for you.

Contact Us

As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07999721727 Were on WhatsApp

Some Examples of Rosengrens safes weve opened

Rosengrens RHS Safe locked out on failed digital lock

A Rosengrens RHS with a failed LaGard Smart Link / Smart Gard electronic lock. The digital lock was remote fitted so could be anywhere behind the door. This safe was quite hard to drill and has a full sheet of glass with anti burglar devices / Anti Explosive Devices connected to it. These Devices are designed to Further lock the safe up in the attempt of a burglary or unskilled attempt at opening the locked Safe. Usimg the latest Endoscope equipment we were able to determine where the lock was fitted and drill a hole precisely in the right place to avoid these devices and defeat the lock

Rosengrens European safe lost keys

The European Safe by Rosengrens with 2 two locks

This Rosengrens European grade 5 safe had two Rosengrens RKL Key locks and both keys had been lost we picked open both key locks and replaced the lost keys,. We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

A Rosengrens Capella with an unknown code

This Rosengrens Capella had been left locked by the previous owners of this house in London. The handle had also been forced and was free spinning, Using our Gizmo device we were able to open the digital lock. Using our knowlage of the safe and mechanism we were able to open the safe without the need to drill. The new owners did not require the safe and was later removed from the Knightsbridge area of London

Rosengrens Citizen with no keys

A Rosengrens Citizen with lost keys we opened for another safe company, This had the Rosengrens RKL 10 lock that we are able to pick open. We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and suffolk

Rosengrens Strongroom and Vault

Rosengrens Strongroom / Vault that we worked on that had a fault stopping the door from opening. We can open Rosengrens Strongrooms and vault doors. Although we do not supply install or remove safes and vaults we work alongside companies that do so just ask

Rosengrens RT series safe with lost keys

This Rosengrens was a Telford made model. The fault was lost keys. This safe has a glass sheet and anti burglar devices that if attacked or some unskilled persons try to open it will set off these extra devices further locking up the safe. At Key Elements Safe Engineers we can pick open a ot of key locks and this one was no exception. We picked it open and made some new keys

Some of the popular makes and models of Rosengrens Safes and Vaults are Rosengrens Atlantic, Rosengrens Bankers, Rosengrens Callisto, Rosengrens Capella, Rosengrens Commercial, Rosengrens Jupiter, Rosengrens Mercury., Rosengrens Neptune, Rosengrens RHS, Rosengrens RS, Rosengrens RT, Rosengrens Salopian, Rosengrens Saturnus, Rosengrens Secura, Rosengrens Taurus, Rosengrens Treasury, Rosengrens V Type, Rosengrens Citizen, Rosengrens Clarendon, Rosengrens Consort, Rosengrens European,