Chatwood Safe Opening Service

At Key Elements we open Chatwood Safe, Vaults and Strongrooms and Chatwood Milner Safe, Vault and Strongrooms. This can be because of a lost, stolen keys or a forgotten Combination on a mechanical, digital safe lock or one day it simply wont open causing a lock out.

Dont Panic!

At Key Elements safe engineers we have over 25 years experience in opening Chatwood and Chatwood Milner and other high security safes and vault. We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault

Areas We Cover

We are based in Colchester, Essex, UK and our main areas that we provide a service to are Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We can travel further if it is cost effective for you.


As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07999 721727 were on WhatsApp

Chatwood Safe Opening Examples

Chatwood Vault in London

Lost Keys to this Chatwood Vault in London, This vault also had some water damaged but we managed to get it open and get it back to working order until the next flood !

Chatwood Safe with lost keys and combination in Essex

This Chatwood dating from around 1870 – 1890 has no keys or combination, we opened this safe in Essex area and reset the mechanical combination lock. The two key locks were also opened and new keys made so that if any existing keys ever turned up they would no longer work.

Chatwood Milner Safe with Lost Keys.

Chatwood Milner Duplex Major safe in Hertfordshire area had had the keys stolen during a break in causing a lockout. We opened the key lock on the Chatwood Milner safe and made new keys so the existing keys would no longer work if used.

Chatwood Milner Safe Opening

This safe was in the Cambridge area and would not open with the key and so caused a lockout. The owner of the safe needed it opened as soon as posible as there were some imported documents in the locked safe. The safe had never been serviced since it was made. We opened, repaired and serviced this safe putting it back in full working order.

Chatwood Milner Vault

Chatwood Milner Vault Opening

Chatwood Milner Anti Arc Vault door with lost keys in Suffolk. This safe had been left locked in an Old bank building when it closed. The new owners wanted the Vault opened and put back into use. We opened this Strongroom door and made keys to the locks so that the old keys if found would no longer work .

Chatwood Milner Totfiled Safe

This safe has the CM on the key hole covers that stands for Chatwood Milner, This safe can also be branded as a Chubb Totfiled safe. This was in a disused building in Colchester Area and the client wanted it opened and removed from the first floor. We opened the safe and arranged for it to be removed via the window.

Chatwood Strongroom lost keys

Chatwood Diamond Vault

A Chatwood Diamond Vault that we worked on in Mayfair and Knightsbridge area. This one had three locks on the front door and had an escape hatch, we opened and removed the locks and made new keys to all the locks and set new combinations on the safe locks.

Manifoil Combination Lock

One of the popular combination locks that Chatwood Milner used was the CM Mainfoil lock. Lather the lock had much improvements and can also be found as a Mainifoil MKIV or Mark 4 lock.