Chubb Bankers Safe Lost Keys

My main skill is opening high security safes and vaults, so I also open safe within the Trade for other Locksmiths or Safe companies. This safe was a Chubb Bankers and also known as a Chubb Isolator. The way this safe works is the handle is free spinning and when the locks are open they […]

Phoenix Safe Lost Keys

Well during the Covid19 pandemic we are still providing an emergency service. This Phoenix fire cabinet had some important documents inside that were needed urgent. This job was in London and for a fellow Locksmiths. We went to site picked the high security lock open and replaced it. If you need a safe or vault […]

Unknown code on Fichet Safe

This Fichet Carina safe was left inside a property in London and when the new owners took over they were unable to open the safe. On arrival the safe was upside down so we turned it over and opened the Fichet digital safe lock and replaced with a new lock. If you need a safe […]