At Key Elements we open ARFE High Security Safes. This can be because of a lost, stolen keys or a forgotten Combination on a mechanical, digital safe lock or one day it simply wont open causing a lock out.

Dont Panic !!!

At Key Elements safe engineers we have over 25 years experience in opening ARFE Safes and other high security safes and vaults. We offer a no open no fee policy but in this time we have not failed to open a safe or vault

Areas We Cover.

As we work in a lot of areas like basements and could be using loud equipment it is best to email me or send me a Whatsapp

Jason 07999 721727 were on WhatsApp

ARFE Safe Opening Examples

ARFE Safe lost keys

ARFE Safe that we were asked to open with a high security 14 lever lock on the door. The keys had been stolen, We picked open the lock and replaced it. We cover Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

ARFE Safe Unknown Combination

This ARFE 8005 safe had a high security KABA safe lock where the combination was not known, On this particular model of lock we were able to open with no damage and later replaced the lock for a lock with Time lock functions. Ares we cover are London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

ARFE Eurovault Locked Out

ARFE Eurovault we opened for another Safe company where the key and combination we Unknown. Some of the Popular models I see in the UK are the ARFE Eurovault, ARFE 8004, ARFE 8005, ARFE 8006, ARFE 8007, ARFE8204, ARFE 8206, ARFE TL30, ARFE TL15